Friday, May 19, 2006

Salute the Heros


مباراه الاربعاء زادت
من عشقى واحترامى للارسنال
I have grown a more profound respect and admiration to Arsenal since their wednesday match.

Proud of you my boys
Unfairness is part of the game
Paris 17.5.2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Pink Effect ..

What I know about Pink

I don’t know exactly how to write this, the recognition of my favorite band of all time sounds a bit cliché. So if you want to really know what pink does do me and does to millions of fans all around the globe, read this:

I was around 15 or 16 years old when my cousin gave me a tape of pink floyd’s pulse (tracks from a great gig in the sky to run like hell), if you want to impress a first time listener, A great gig in the sky is the best track to start with. I was blown away by the content and the many magnificent ways this track is composed, then came Money... what the hell is that? Is that jazz? Blues? Rock? I couldn’t tell at the time, and then after a while came wish you were here which is without a doubt the best melodic acoustic guitar song ever made in the history of music, simple chords reflecting vividness at its purest form; and the sing along gave the song the right vibe. Comfortably numb came with a heavenly 4:30 guitar solo that I’ve been hearing for the last 10 years and I cannot get enough of it, shear brilliance. To wrap up the perfect live performance came Run like hell an intense track from their 1979 wonder album “the wall”. I was left dazed and confused for an hour, what did I just experiment? What was this narcoleptic journey to the end of my mind? My status then was best defined as “comfortably numb”.

The thing about pink floyd music is that it’s more that just tunes and lyrics. It’s an experience that you “fit in” through an entire album. A hypnotizing therapy that makes you understand and cope with a bigger picture. I don’t know about others fans but their music made me view the life in a different perspective.

Best Album:
Dark side of the moon

Best 5 Guitar Solo:
Comfortably numb
Coming back to life
Shine on you crazy diamond

Best 5 songs:
Echoes / Wish you were here (tie)
Comfortably numb
Shine on you crazy diamond
Coming back to life

Best instrumental tracks:
One of these days
Any Color you like

Best lyrics:
Final Cut
Lost for words

Best live performance:
P.u.l.s.e (1994)

Best album cover:
Dark side of the moon

Favorite member:
David Gilmour

Favorite solo album by a Pink Floyd member:
Roger Waters – Amused to Death (1992)