Monday, November 02, 2009

Top 5: My Negative “personality” aspects

5- Planning the unplan-able

disappointment is the end product of such eccentric fashion of thinking.

4- Anxious when handling finance

Thank God I’m not a banker or else I’d suck .. bigtime.

3- The inability to deal with the stupid or the stubborn

My objectivity fails to descend to their intellectual level; therefore I can’t seem to communicate with 80% of the population.

2- Pissed off easily about the so called “Little things”

Not being punctuate, Not respecting the queue, Littering, Cutting off a conversation, Bumping cars while parking, Responding to “Salmu alaykum” with “Sabah el Nor” or vise verse, Ridiculous mobile ringtones, Cars blocking the street .. etc

1- Being victim of “Entertainment”

… and I have become comfortably numb!