Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back at Square One

I'm quitting my job very soon, and I'm taking some time off to reflect on things on my mind.

I liked to believe that I can do whatever I want if I put my mind into it, my substantial determination and my resilience broke under the sheer reality of how things work.

I'm astonished by the my shortcomings, I thought they were small but on the contrary, they are disastrous, and I'm too old and messed up to even try to work them out.

I'm starting to question what I really want; sometimes I'm not cut for what I really want, other times I want the right things for the wrong reasons or at the worst timings. I want to fly but my wings have been so denied.

I knew long time ago that nothing makes sense, although this dangerous conclusion can drive a man to disbelief or approaching-atheism, I'm not trying to figure life out, I'm simply trying to adjust to its anarchy.

Friends around me seem to "carry on" with their lives without even pausing to ask themselves what the hell they are doing, automated to mainstream of typical ideologies and choosing to exist as zombies, But they seem reflect an image of happiness and content. Should I try to change my attitude to "happy and misleaded" instead of "dissatisfied and enlightened"?

I'm back at square one and I'm narcoleptic.

Discouraged but hopeful.

Sane yet Overwhelmed.

Another misconception established; This is Mo'men .. Over and Out.

P.S: I'm now listening to Norah Jones first album on my PC; this may or may not affect and contribute to the content of what I'm writing.

Whatever Happened To ... ?



Canada Dry?


Captin Maged?

Sonic The hedgehock?



Atef Epeid?

The bassist from "Nirvana"?

Fawazeer Ramadan?

Nelly from Fawazeer Ramadan?

Loch Ness Monster?

Makarena Song/Culture/dance ?

Sandra "80's pop singer/icon"?

Black jeans?

Beavus & Butthead?

Adham Sabry - Ragol al mostaheel?

Sonia Graham - Adham Sabry's nemesis and later his wife????????


Bo'loz - Mama nagwa's puppet?

Cabretage in Helwan?




I was me but now .. he's gone

The other day, my neighbour across the street was talking to me about the parking space situation outside our buildings, he's about 50+ years old and he was vomiting value this and logic that allover me ..

The old me would have talked back and debated the concept "whatever that is", the new me just humored him and gave em the fake respect and attention he thinks he deserves.

I don't like the new me, but he will out live the old me and surely his quality of life has improved by increasing his stress-free moments.

Am I border-line schizophrenic? Or am I undergoing a profound mental metamorphosis?

The new me doesn't give a rat's ass about it !

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Top 5: Ridiculous things brought to us by Uncle Sam

5- Baseball

4- Rap & Hip Hop Music

3- George W. Bush

2- Scientology

1- Imperial system of measurements