Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Land of the Pyramids and Mega malls

The "I'm so cool with the way I talk" anchor asked a young lady whether she concurs with Mostafa Kamel's famous quote, "If I weren't an Egyptian, I'd have loved to be an Egyptian". Regardless of the fake display of patriotism from all of the respondents, this particular lady dazzled me with this:

"I think Egypt is great, I don't think I have anything negative to say about it, it even has the best mega malls that competes with the ones in the foreign countries, I think the ones we have are even bigger and better"

The link between wanting to be an Egyptian at any cost and Egyptian mega malls is a perplexity waiting to be analyzed.

I'm too drained to even start to analyze this crap, I just felt on posting a sample of:

1- Egyptians production of silly TV programs.
2- Egyptians apparent talent of expressing themselves, especially in front of a camera lens.
3- Egyptians irrelevant responses and their tendency to speak out than shut up.
4- Egyptian fascination with City Stars "The King of Mega Malls"

Out of like 15 participants, two responded that they would rather "be" another nationality. The inevitable question of "what nationality and why" followed and I kept waiting to hear –with much anticipation I may add- for keywords like Production; Efficiency; Keen on development and learning; Research; Analytical thinking, and Objectivity, Sadly my anticipation was in vain. A respondent vaguely mentioned discipline but inside a context of how foreigners abide by traffic laws.

I'm glad to be an Egyptian; At least I can shop at Spinneys and eat Mac-Tasty in the food court.