Thursday, September 27, 2007

Were you born to resist, or be abused?

Driving seems to bring out the worst in people, they behave like animals that merely function out of their most primitive instinct; Aggression.

It's surprisingly lucid how much negative energy oozes out as we - human beings – carry out daily functions like conversing or problem resolution. The other day at fetar time; I encountered one of those people you cannot fairly describe, but I'll go with semi-educated, pseudo-professional, early 40s gentle man; who shut off his car engine and walked away as he blocked the street with his car, the reason for his "in his mind justified" furry was that he refused to go back on reverse and expected me and another car behind me to do the same instead.

The ACT of shutting off the car's engine and walking away conveys ultimate selfishness and stubbornness that demolish any approach of logic or reason. As a reflex, I was going to respond to his crap by equivalent crap (i.e. leaving my car too in the middle of the street), but I had company who didn't need to experience this.

Driving in Egypt is like surviving in a vicious jungle, Dominant species (lions) get to do what they want without ethical restrains while submissive species (sheep) choose to play it safe, be victimized and endure the frustration. There is no such thing as dual-species that can go both ways; inevitably, one attitude will conquer the other and you are labeled; Predator or prey.

Lions Theory: Follow the modern version of the Darwinism theory; Survival for the most obnoxious. Bring it own punk.

Sheep Theory: Follow the passive adage," When the wind blows, Duck".

It's catastrophic that theories like these are initiated and applied on such normal daily activities like driving.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Ramadan Festival:The Alacrity

Ramadan has arrived; our annually psychological trip we love to endure; our salvation from the mountains of sins; our transcendence to a new dimension of serenity and peace with the creator; yearning to rinsing out the demons and entering elucidation.

Or it's another great month for shisha and hanging out till dawn!

Regardless of your perception of Ramadan, Everybody loves to enjoy and experience "the experience" rather than benefit from it, Pray, fast, or party, Unwind, go monk, or celebrate; your practice should always be as fruitful as possible.

The emotional circus comes once a year. Go see and enjoy the show, do you really want to ask yourself "it would have been" or "if only I"?

Happy Ramadan to you all, whatever that means!

Monday, September 03, 2007

I was tricked by a salesman

Last weekend, I went to Carrefour to review the latest prices of electric appliances, I passed by the booth of Showtime - a cable company- where I stopped for just a minute to ask about their sports package price "they exclusively broadcast the English Premier League (EPL) which happens to be; my addiction".

20 minutes later, I ended up signing a one year contract via visa.

The Salesman was incredibly persuasive; hammering me with every sales strategy he ever learned, covering up every angle, luring me into his company's services. He successfully transmitted the conviction that I cannot live without the EPL.

I'm – or I like to think that I'm – a very stubborn person who isn't easily convinced, even with a tightly sealed argument. I occasionally mock common people who fall for every marketing trick out there. My theory is that the decision of purchasing a product/service should be the product of necessity and priority. My theory crashed infront of the super salesman whom I enjoyed conversing with despite the fact; he tricked me.

Under normal circumstances, I would have subscribed months ago and that would have been my own decision, but I'm in a new social status that is financially demanding, not to mention, nerve wrecking. I'm setting up my new apartment which will engulf whatever money I have now and own later. Paying money for cable is absolutely neither a necessity nor a priority considering "the status" I'm in, in comparison that money would have gone for the kitchen/bathroom tiles instead.

I even dislike salesman, because of their obvious intentions and wicked means, hell I even don't like people much, I've very picky on whom to know and not know, speak to or avoid, become friends with or alienate. Before I left I told him, – not in these words but something similar – "I don't know whether to hug you or punch you". He smiled to me and intelligently replied, "I guess if Arsenal won the league, you'd owe me a hug". WTF? how did he know I'm a gunners fan? He must have noticed me checking out their fixtures during our conversation!

I was tricked, but it's all good. This is a funny phrase I never thought I'd type.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

دمر يدمر تدميرا

اكل العيش مر, بالذات لو انت متعود تاكل باتون ساليه

متعملش دكر في منظومه فاشله , وكل واحد يشوف مصلحته علشان عم عشم مات . بالعربي كده تهروشلي حاهروشلك و اقدم السبت علشان ** ام الحد

انا و انت "امعه" – شده علي الميم – بس و حياتك مش بمزاجنا