Thursday, July 01, 2010

Small things – Part 8

  • An empty road for driving when you are already late
  • Stepping into a football game to score the winning goal
  • Opening a window to find a perfect sunshine greeting you
  • The way people stare at a pretty foreigner; when she’s not that beautiful
  • Napping after a good meal on a Friday afternoon
  • Air drying after wodoo’ “ablution”
  • Biting my fingernails artistically
  • Cell phone applications
  • Switching on the tele to find a movie you were dying to see
  • Proper planning of the week’s appointments & obligations
  • Finding help when you least expect it
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Quitting your job for a much better job offer
  • Sincere apologies
  • Children waving at you from the back seat of a car ahead of you
  • Dreams that you remember the morning after