Friday, April 10, 2009

Small things - Part 6

  • Chinese crackers
  • British comedy
  • Stealing over-priced cable TV
  • The sting of the aftershave cologne
  • Shelves
  • Finding the perfect parking spot on a busy street
  • Facebook status (although I’m not a fan)
  • The first 10 minutes under the blanket in a cold winter night
  • Last page of “Elmasry Elyoum” newspaper
  • Markers
  • Clipping your toe nails
  • The many ways we justify our shortcomings

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Random Lyrics #6

بلالين بلالين بلالين

منفوخيين منفوخيين منفوخيين

طب علي مين علي مين علي مين

والله ما فرقتش كتير

محمود العسيلي - طراطير
طول منتي جنبي - 2009

Note to Self

Don't fight it, Just go with the flow..

Just swallow it for a few years