Friday, September 15, 2006

It doesn't make a bit of sense ...
When you're on my mind
you stole my heart

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chapter 2

Well , it's semi-official .. I'm quitting my job , quitting industry may raise a lot of eyebrows especially when many at work see that I have potentials. Screw that, I ain't happy. First I didn't "mind" the type of work I'm in, then it it became unsatisfactory .. Then, unpleasant .. Finally, Boring and unmotivational .. I chose another line of career "my last resort I may add" and I hope I can achieve and succeed in a very tough and competitive field, Academics.
Farewell GSK, this is officially Chapter 2 in my career, some major decisions to make throughout the next year .. "I hope you're reading this".
Afraid? offcourse.. Confident? Don't know .. But I'm excited to take this challenge and see whether my stream of goodluck still flows . Thank you God , Thank you for not failing me not even once in my life.