Thursday, March 15, 2007

Awkward Moments

It’s so annoying when you don’t have the first clue of how to react in awkward moments, but I think the first thing to do is to acknowledge your feeling and think rationally, did I establish that? Sadly, I did not. Here are moments I had earlier this year.

Moment One:
I was sitting in le café waiting for a friend to have a couple of “inhales” from their perfect shisha, it was around 12 pm when a classy woman in her 30s entered the café and sat in the table beside me, oh... and she was carrying her 6 month old son/daughter in a baby bag thing.

So far all normal, but after 10 min; she opened her blouse and she started breast feeding her son! I was not surprised to see that scene as much as I was confused of how am I suppose to react towards such an act, I couldn’t identify my feelings at the moment, was I uncomfortable? Embarrassed? Was I aroused? Or simply thirsty?

Moment Two:
I was in an academic staff meeting, bored out of my mind and goofing off with my cell phone when a female “colleague” entered the lecture hall and sat right beside me. She’s not really my friend, she’s someone I had a couple of chats with in the corridor, and maybe shared an invigilation with her, anyways... she was bored too, and guess what she decided to do, she decided to flirt with me.

First of all, her voice was kind of loud; it’s fair to say that people sitting 3 rows in front and behind me heard the flirting process. She started talking about how nice my scarf is “I do really have a beautiful scarf” and how she loves my fossil watch, she asked me about my favorite hangouts and what I do in my leisure time... bla bla bla, in the middle of all this I was writing something down when she suddenly held my hand in an attempt to take the pen away in a theatrical display. I was a sport and let her finish her performance, but I guess she took that as an invitation to carry on , she sat more close to me that in some point she was practically in my lap .. I didn’t know what to do, clearly I wasn’t enjoying this, did I mention that we were in AN OFFICIAL MEETING?

Moment Three:
The boss asked Sara and me do some Xeroxing and filing of important papers , there were a lot of papers to photo copy and 13 piles to put together, Sara made her booming show of how she “not we” will deliver the top notch work in minimum time .. I thought to myself, WTF? It’s only photocopying...

During the actual process of photocopying, she was on her cellphone the whole time giving very personal advice to her newly married friend of how to get even with her husband!! (The machine is in a small room, it’s inevitable that I hear her crapy conversation) and every 10 min she runs to the boss’s office and gives him a briefing of our progress.

What did she actually do? Nothing except polluting my ears with her very bad advices and shit-chatting with her soon to be newly-divorcee friend, plus all the distractions she diffused around me. I hated what she did (or rather didn’t HELP to do) and she bragged about the job that I practically did totally by myself. It was one of these moments when you’re boiling and numb at the same time. Again, I did not know how to react towards such creature in such situation.

Small Observation: I’ll never understand estrogen-containing species !!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Going Against the Odds

it's has been a dispointing week, The gunners had lost 3 matches in 3 different competions. Arsenal has been out of 2 major competitions in 4 days, the first was the carling cup , down 2:1 at the last 4 min of the game , the other was the FA cup , down 1:0 ALSO at the last 4 min of the game !!

Factors beginning last May of why we won't grab any silverware this year:

1-the loss of the holy grail with only 12 miutes left (CL Final)

2-the World Cup

3-last minute transfer activity

4-new stadium

5-no left-footed wide player(s) - RvP doesn't count

6-beginning the season with no Pires, no Cole, no Sol, effectively no Henry, no Ljungberg; 4-4-2 or 4-5-1?; the injuries; the Gallas mystery; the inconstancy of youth; Lehman's antics; Eboue's antics; Gilberto saving our bacon; ineffectual set plays; Question marks over Adebayor (till recently), Baptista, Aliadiere, Walcott, Senderos, Hoyte (less and less)

7-odd susceptibility to 'wonder goals' - McCarthy being the latest; our own missed penalties; missed sitters; average teams scoring on their only chance of the match; opposition goalkeepers playing blinders

8-the inconsistent refereeing (or consistently bad refereeing, which my impressions suggest have cost us more seriously than our opponents)

I suppose in a nutshell, we haven't been good enough to cope with all this , let's hope this phase won't take more time that it really should