Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Top 5: Most amazing performances as a mentally-ill character in movies

You can’t IMAGINE how hard it is to pick only 5 for this category, I’ve seen so many powerful performances, but after further analysis and some movie reviewing, I came up with these 5 incredible performances ..

5- Daniel Day-Lewis - My Left Foot

4- Leonardo DiCaprio - What's Eating Gilbert Grape
OSCAR nominated

3- Edward Norton - Primal Fear/The Score
OSCAR nominated

2- Dustin Hoffman - Rain Man

1- Billy Bob Thorton - Sling Blade
OSCAR nominated

Some names can come to your mind, names you thought it belong to this list, names like:

Tom Hanks – Forest Gump, The movie is spectacular, and THAT what made him win an oscar and not his own originality, plus he was not a retard, he was just “Slow”

Robert De Niro – Awakenings, I’ve seen what De Niro can do, this is not his finest performances, he can totally do better.

Sean Penn - I am Sam, he should be up there I know, but the thing is .. I liked Sean’s character but I did not like the film :(

Brad Pitt – 12 Monkeys, he was AWSOME, one of his best performances ever, but I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for, he was rather insane that menatally challenged.

any comments?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Loose Control

I have 7 remote controls on my nightstand "Comodino"
What does that say about me????

Monday, December 18, 2006

What say about Aboutrika


"Mohamed Aboutrika was the hero of a magical night for Egypt's Al Ahly Sporting Club at the International Stadium in Yokohama, as the reigning African champions clinched a 2-1 win over Mexico's Club America and with it an impressive third place at the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2006. "

"Starved of the ball, Aboutrika dropped back to link up with his midfield and the impact was almost immediate. Flavio served warning of what was about to come by warming Ochoa's hands with a couple of firm drives from distance before earning a dangerous free-kick in Aboutrika territory. The gifted midfielder did not disappoint, delightfully curling the ball home to give the Africans the lead. "

".... as that man Aboutrika showed yet again why he is on the shortlist for the African player of the year. After surging out of midfield and finding Flavio with a pinpoint pass, the mercurial playmaker latched on to the Angolan's return ball and calmly slotted the ball past Ochoa for his third goal of the tournament."

God Bless you AbouTrika , you are one of my personal heros
"You don't have to be a Jew
To disapprove my murder
Tears burn my eyes
Moslem or Christian Mullah or Pope
Preachers or poet who was it wrote
Give any one species too much rope
And they'll fuck it up"

Roger Waters - Too Much Rope

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Top 5: Most Senseless Jobs

5- The Government employee that collects electricity money
50% of the time he doesn't find people at home and they end up paying by themselves. Not to mention he has to deal with children, maids and all sorts of people which is psychologically draining.

4-Guys who distribute flyers and adds in traffic stops
1st of all he’s distracting you with his movement back and forth, he probably hits the flyer in your face “I once had a paper cut from one of these jerks”, The principle is stupid because out of 100 flyers distributed to car drivers; while driving may I add, only 7-8 persons take a look, half of those are interested in the add itself, half of those will actually call the add owner.. So as far as strategic marketing goes, the owner of the add spent money for 100 flyers and the guy’s one day job salary to approach 1 client!!

3- The guy that parks your car "El menadi" a.k.a "El sayes"
The fastest growing occupation in Egypt, "El menadi" practically he's the guy that yells "left" and "right" and "that's it" when you park your car, meaning he "pretends" to help you park your car when 1- you didn't ask for his help, 2- he practically did nothing and 3- I won't give em a pound for a 30 seconds worth of "talk". But beware, he's not expecting a tip... he's expecting to be payed!

2-The guy that works on an elevator
For the Love of God, is it a profession to press buttons? The user of an elevator must be really stupid or really really lazy to actually need one. Not to mention he will grow to be a claustrophobic.

And finally... 1st runner up is

1-The guy/boy that works in a bathroom, handing you tissues!!
Only MEN can relate to that, The idea that a person is actually paying attention to you while you use the facility/urinal is creepy, not to mention that in his troubled mind he thinks that the faster he gives you a tissue, the better quality his services are...

plus he smiles at you after you do your business, I don't want to share a moment with you, you creepy creature, don't smile at me like I’ve just climbed the Everest, my sense of accomplishment does not include peeing or pooping !!

What kills me is that sometimes they wear formal cloth!!!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


عارف ازاي تعيش؟

ظبط امورك
التظبيط حيخليك من واحد عبيط
لواحد نطيط
فتح دماغك
افتحها عالبحرى
دماغك دى هى الى متأله راسك
فضيها الاول علشان تعرف
شفت ازاي دماغك خفت؟
شخشخ جيبك
لزوم التظبيط , مفيش حاجه ببلاش
امشى جنب الحيط
كتفك و الحيطة حاجه واحدة
قول حاضر
"تمام" و "طيب" و"ماشى" شغالين برده
اسمع الكلام
و ده مش أى كلام
دة الكلام التمام
مش عارف تنام؟
أه يااااا غلبان
ضميرك واجعك؟
هوا لسه ما متش؟
طب اجرى هات سكينه
شق صدرك
فتش بين ضلوعك
لقيت حاجه بتلعب؟ امسكها كده
ايه يا راجل السواد ده كله
طب منتا تمام اهو, امال ايه بس!
مش عارف تنام ليه بأه؟
ايه ده؟
ايه الى على قلبك ده؟
انا مش مصدق!!!
مالك يا راجل؟
ايه الى غرق عينيك كده؟
مالك بتتنفض كده لبه؟
العرق ده كله جه منين؟!
اجيبلك دكتور؟
دنتا عايز دايه!
انا حاسيبك دلوقتى
بس انا راجعلك تاني
هوا أنا ورايا غيرك

أقبلت عليك بلا إله إلا الله
الزمت فاك بلا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله
و قضيت حاجتى بعون الله
بسم الله الله أكبر
بسم الله الله أكبر
بسم الله الله أكبر
مما أخاف و أحذر

small things ..

  • a "scrubs" episode
  • a sunny morning on a cold day
  • a well made cheese burger with all the works on it
  • old pictures of me I find accidentally
  • people smiling at me
  • a drive back home at 4:00 am
  • the 1st "inhale" of a perfect shisha
  • reminiscing with friends
  • a good nap in the afternoon
  • wearing my soccer jerseys
  • waking in the morning with nothing to do
  • watching the English premier league on the Saturdays afternoon
  • the smell of freshly made cookies
  • receiving jesters of pure kindness & unselfishness
  • singing Michael Jackson songs with a friend of mine “Chamon”
  • a good conversation where both parties actually listen
  • Gary Moore’s guitar sound
  • Knowing that someone has a crush on me “actually, it’s both annoying and refreshing”
  • traveling with my neighbor
  • my grandma’s blessings

to be continued

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Psychodelic funk overdrive

I don’t usually review my music, but I need to praise these guys for at least in one of my posts.

The red and very hot chili peppers (RHCP); one of my favorite bands of all time, released their most anticipated album “Stadium Arcadium” during the summer, a double CD named “Jupiter” & “Mars”.. a very risky move that proved later the status of where they stand in the history of music business.

It is funky, rockin' and rapping. I was a little skeptical about there being 28 songs. That is always a formula for disaster. For example - see Smashing Pumpkins. But I can honestly say there are only a couple snoozers on the 2 CDs. Most of the songs are fantastic. In summary, this is RHCP's best release in over a decade. It is a must buy if you are an old fan or are new to the RCHP's sound. I am really shocked they still had it in them to release something that sounds so good, they are 40+ something and they still rock.The main reason why I love this album though is because there's so much new sound mixed with so much old sound. It's like the Chili Peppers are evolving without losing what made us love them in the first place. And that's a hard thing for a band to do!.

I highly recommend watching their video “Danni California”on Youtube , they guys still got what it takes to dazzle minds.