Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Top 5: Most amazing performances as a mentally-ill character in movies

You can’t IMAGINE how hard it is to pick only 5 for this category, I’ve seen so many powerful performances, but after further analysis and some movie reviewing, I came up with these 5 incredible performances ..

5- Daniel Day-Lewis - My Left Foot

4- Leonardo DiCaprio - What's Eating Gilbert Grape
OSCAR nominated

3- Edward Norton - Primal Fear/The Score
OSCAR nominated

2- Dustin Hoffman - Rain Man

1- Billy Bob Thorton - Sling Blade
OSCAR nominated

Some names can come to your mind, names you thought it belong to this list, names like:

Tom Hanks – Forest Gump, The movie is spectacular, and THAT what made him win an oscar and not his own originality, plus he was not a retard, he was just “Slow”

Robert De Niro – Awakenings, I’ve seen what De Niro can do, this is not his finest performances, he can totally do better.

Sean Penn - I am Sam, he should be up there I know, but the thing is .. I liked Sean’s character but I did not like the film :(

Brad Pitt – 12 Monkeys, he was AWSOME, one of his best performances ever, but I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for, he was rather insane that menatally challenged.

any comments?


reham said...

well , i have seen most of these movies and i want to add something here :
1-awakenings:الله يحرقوه ده موفى ,هو اللى خلانى ادخل الطب و ما ادراك ما الطب
2-i am sam , is an incredible movie, one of the best i have seen and followed , i loved the connection between the mentally disabled dad and his daughter ,he just followed his feelings also the girl did that, when u leave your emotions to flow they are like that , this shows how GOD is creating incredible powers to the human brain
3-i wish i can add to this list , some of the best movies i have ever seen :
a-the insider : i adore this pursuit , they never gave up until all the truth is revealed .though they lost their jobs and russel crow lost his family besides his work, they have gained themselves, they never did sell their souls
b-the devil's advocate:keanu reeves and al pacino, incredible, about the human choice in this life , it is either the right path or the devil's path , it is up to ur choice!
c-crash:interpersonal relationships and clashes with perfect analysis of what will happen if we do not speak on common ground,just a perfect movie, oscar winner 2006
d-v for vendetta :the perfect long term plan to implement forcebly the change in the society,what was taken by force will return by force , with the team spirit and focused goals to be acheived
e-syriana: analysis of the background of terrorism and the hidden relations between countries short , i adore movies .sorry for answering you late , u once read my blog , i invite you to complete reading it and giving me feedback , u once asked me if am engineer or pharmacist coz of TQM,well , i am a doctor..wishing you happy new year 2007 and i wish to see ur comments more often on my blog as i wish to know you ,i like ur thinking,thanks :)

ياسمين شعيتو said...

You English got waaaay better in a 11 months!

Oh, and that's one amazing list.

I always thought Deniro was billiant in Awakenings, but then again, deniro's performances i've seen were not many.

I can't believe I'm still reading this blog. I never went this old in a blog.