Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb

Thank you for being so vindictive, Thank you for being selfish and egocentric, whatever happened to unconditional love? If the years has turned you into a bitter sad woman, don’t destroy my life as your venting process ... too much pride will get you to die alone.

You are a Control freak seeking a prey to boss around and humiliate, a lizard changing its color from martyr to beast. I hate you mother, and don’t rub your sacrifices on me coz every mother has done what you’ve done. I’m not yours you self obsessed woman.


reham said...

this makes me wonder how old are you ? reaction ?well if you have a good mood right now , well:lol is my reaction , if you just came from a fight ,well my reaction is :to run away 3ashan mesh talba ma3aya neiran sadeika

ياسمين شعيتو said...

I always was fine with people hating their moms, cursing their moms, etc.. until I myself became one.

Nevertheless, I don't think mothers have any possession of their children, nor fathers of course.