Monday, January 08, 2007

small things, part 2

  • Putting on cloth that perfectly fits
  • Aboutrika’s goal in CSS
  • 1,2 passes with Saeed when we play football
  • Seeing my friend’s kids
  • Listening to Badran’s fake stories
  • Horse playing in the pool with Sharkawy
  • Interacting with polite people
  • The numbing sensation when I hear “a great gig in the sky”
  • Giving people “zakah” money
  • Talking with Basel, my x-manager
  • Academic discussions with Mostafa “ben” Younis
  • When Maged and I spell the same words, thoughts, ideas at the same time
  • K’s trials to make Egypt a better place
  • The fun process of convincing M.Ashraf with anything
  • Kamba’s attention to details
  • Samy’s loyalty
  • K.Hasan attitude, not giving a damn
  • H.Zayed miscalls every time el ahly scores (a 5 year habit and still growing)
  • My uncle Medhat greetings to me (we have a special greeting)


reham said...

this post is too personal(mesh fahma mo3zamo) ,keep enjoying your life and appreciate the small things ..i have read some of your previous posts , i guess you have a very good chance, as a pharmacist with your personality , to get a place in the canadian immigration process,think about it

Mo'men said...

The process requires finance which i lack at the moment, bas rabena yesahel :)

reham said...

inshallah you will join there ;)

KareemFromEgypt said...

i like the ones about us :)

nice post Mo

always remember the pasta fetish :)

KareemFromEgypt said...

by the way

Q. What's the best name for a fetir shop ever? (ma7al feteer)


I laughed for about 10 minutes after i heard it