Tuesday, February 08, 2011

كل دول عملاء؟

Image from Boston's big picture

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Small things – Part 8

  • An empty road for driving when you are already late
  • Stepping into a football game to score the winning goal
  • Opening a window to find a perfect sunshine greeting you
  • The way people stare at a pretty foreigner; when she’s not that beautiful
  • Napping after a good meal on a Friday afternoon
  • Air drying after wodoo’ “ablution”
  • Biting my fingernails artistically
  • Cell phone applications
  • Switching on the tele to find a movie you were dying to see
  • Proper planning of the week’s appointments & obligations
  • Finding help when you least expect it
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Quitting your job for a much better job offer
  • Sincere apologies
  • Children waving at you from the back seat of a car ahead of you
  • Dreams that you remember the morning after

Thursday, June 10, 2010

طالع يا ريس؟

صراع اعيشه كل يوم .. مواقف احتار اكون فيها ظالم ام مظلوم ... سوف اتكلم عن موقف اعيشه يوميا وهو ركن العربيه.

طبعا اذا كنت محظوظ في ركن العربيه فلا اسلم من ركن البعض صف ثاني و حبسي لمدد طويله ! .. طبعا كلنا نتعرض لهذا الموقف و لكن كيفيه التعامل مع هذا المازق يختلف .. فاظل ابحث عن صاحب العربيه الي "قافله" عليه او اتصرف مع بعض الماره في تحريك هذه العربيه الي بتكون غالبا معشقه! .. ما الذي يدفع مواطن صالح في التعدي علي حقي في الخروج من الركنه بطريقه امنه؟ احيانا ينتابتي نوبه غضب بعد طول الانتظار و اقوم بتجريح العربيه بمفتاحي و هذا خطأ افظع .. شعوري بالغضب يغلب طباعي و مبادئي .. و هنا اكون قد تعديت بالأذي علي صاحب العربيه بدون وجه حق.

انا هنا اتكلم عن قناعتي التامه بسوء فعلتي ولكن هذا لا يردعني عن فعل الخطأ .. تحدثت مع شيخ جليل في هذا الامر .. قال لي ان العين بالعين و السن بالسن .. والرد يكون ب"التقفيل: عليه بالمثل .. ولكن هذا حل – او رد – غير عملي بالمره.. رد علي الشيخ بالاحتساب!! .. الغريب في الامر ان صاحب العربيه لا يبدي اي ندم او حتي يعتذر .. فقط يحرك عربته في لا مبالاه ، مما يزيد من شعوري بأحقيتي في أيذاء عربيته

في علم التنميه البشريه يطلقون علي هذا الموقف Lose – Lose situation و هو الخساره لكلا الطرفين. فما هو الحل السليم لهذا الموقف؟ الغريب ان هذا السلوك متفشي في المجتمع المصري ولا يفرق بين المتعلم و الجاهل. عندما يدفعني المجتمع لهذا السلوك فهو حقا .. مجتمع مريض!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Human Connections, Up in the Air !

The cross line between what you’re doing and what you’re selling is slowly fading.

Clooney in an ER-performance cameo – minus the sweet talk and the romcom, starring as Ryan Bingham; a “walk up” caller as he described in one of his scenes, his job is to fire people and effectively handle the impact .. That’s by giving them a package. I don’t know which came first for him, the numbness selfish awareness or the career. The movie couldn’t care less about his victims but focuses on the dialogue development between humanely connect-less Clooney and the fresh, young college graduate, not ready for the real world; Anna Kendrick. Followed by how Clooney was fooled for thinking he can have a normal life and a normal relationship.

Life is a pack bag, an analogy used to emphasis that relationships are the heaviest components of your life. Living with no attachments has it’s pros but defiantly the cons outweigh them. Life is all about connections with people, whether it be friends or lovers. It's not about material things, it's about love and enjoying the company of others. Even loners don’t want to be alone, everyone needs a co-pilot.

Good movie, Oscar worthy

Side notes:

  • The open-ended scene has much interpretation into it that makes you appreciate the 2nd time you watch the movie.
  • The 1999 masterpiece Fight Club touched the subject of what frequent flying careers can do to a human psyche
  • If I was to be fired by a computer monitor, I’ll be sure to crash the hell out of it.
  • How can a guy who makes a living out of firing people do motivational speeches as a side gig?

Monday, December 28, 2009

RIP Maadi

مش كفايه رمووكي في حلوان
لأ و عايزيين يفشخوكي و يخلوكي مدينه نصر او المهندسين
المعادي الي اكبر شارع فيها حارتين حتتردم عربيات
مش مهم الي ساكنين .. المهم نشغل 40 الف شخص
أصل البلد ضيقه قوي و مفيهاش مكان (92% صحراء ) و مش محتاجيين تعميير
شكرا للحكومه الذكيه و تخطيطها الرائع

Friday, December 04, 2009

رابطه مشجعين "اي دوله ضد الجزائر"

يلا نشجع العالم الحر و سلوفنيا ضد البربر

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Random Lyrics #7

"When the silence beckons,
And the day draws to a close,
When the light of your life sighs,
And love dies in your eyes,
Only then will I realise,
What you mean to me"

Inner Silence - Anathema
Alternative 4 (1998)

Small things- Part 7

  • Listening to “Cover” songs
  • Football forums
  • Cats chasing dogs
  • Fizzing of a glass of coke when adding ice to it.
  • Biting your fingernails
  • Watching the upcoming movie trailers before an exciting movie
  • Buying tomorrow’s newspapers the night before
  • Remote controls
  • Steve Carrel deserved success
  • Mario-related merchandise
  • President (Blue cheese flavored) spread cheese
  • When you order a shisha & comes on the spot
  • “Mother Care” display window
  • Winning her attention