Thursday, July 01, 2010

Small things – Part 8

  • An empty road for driving when you are already late
  • Stepping into a football game to score the winning goal
  • Opening a window to find a perfect sunshine greeting you
  • The way people stare at a pretty foreigner; when she’s not that beautiful
  • Napping after a good meal on a Friday afternoon
  • Air drying after wodoo’ “ablution”
  • Biting my fingernails artistically
  • Cell phone applications
  • Switching on the tele to find a movie you were dying to see
  • Proper planning of the week’s appointments & obligations
  • Finding help when you least expect it
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Quitting your job for a much better job offer
  • Sincere apologies
  • Children waving at you from the back seat of a car ahead of you
  • Dreams that you remember the morning after

4 comments: said...

I love your random ramblings!
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

love this's the small things, definitely!

Plainastheday said...

The small things in life are definitely the best because they matter the most

Uouo Uo said...


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