Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Psychodelic funk overdrive

I don’t usually review my music, but I need to praise these guys for at least in one of my posts.

The red and very hot chili peppers (RHCP); one of my favorite bands of all time, released their most anticipated album “Stadium Arcadium” during the summer, a double CD named “Jupiter” & “Mars”.. a very risky move that proved later the status of where they stand in the history of music business.

It is funky, rockin' and rapping. I was a little skeptical about there being 28 songs. That is always a formula for disaster. For example - see Smashing Pumpkins. But I can honestly say there are only a couple snoozers on the 2 CDs. Most of the songs are fantastic. In summary, this is RHCP's best release in over a decade. It is a must buy if you are an old fan or are new to the RCHP's sound. I am really shocked they still had it in them to release something that sounds so good, they are 40+ something and they still rock.The main reason why I love this album though is because there's so much new sound mixed with so much old sound. It's like the Chili Peppers are evolving without losing what made us love them in the first place. And that's a hard thing for a band to do!.

I highly recommend watching their video “Danni California”on Youtube , they guys still got what it takes to dazzle minds.

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