Thursday, December 07, 2006

small things ..

  • a "scrubs" episode
  • a sunny morning on a cold day
  • a well made cheese burger with all the works on it
  • old pictures of me I find accidentally
  • people smiling at me
  • a drive back home at 4:00 am
  • the 1st "inhale" of a perfect shisha
  • reminiscing with friends
  • a good nap in the afternoon
  • wearing my soccer jerseys
  • waking in the morning with nothing to do
  • watching the English premier league on the Saturdays afternoon
  • the smell of freshly made cookies
  • receiving jesters of pure kindness & unselfishness
  • singing Michael Jackson songs with a friend of mine “Chamon”
  • a good conversation where both parties actually listen
  • Gary Moore’s guitar sound
  • Knowing that someone has a crush on me “actually, it’s both annoying and refreshing”
  • traveling with my neighbor
  • my grandma’s blessings

to be continued


reham said...

تسلم لنا انفاسك و دماغك العالية يا مؤمن :)

sara said...

'a good conversation where both parties actually listen'