Friday, November 24, 2006

when I counted out my demons ..

A very short list of what’s wrong "in one week period":

1- When your boss tells you to stay up late to supervise a lame ass event “talent show performed by 10 students !!!” and reassures you’ll have a ride back home “ my work is practically in the desert”, and you end up going home on your own anyways .. That’s crap.

2- When you go home to find out your cousin’s car has been smashed as a tin can because off some kid driving recklessly at 2 am in the morning... and he get’s away with it... that’s crap
“My cousin will get married next month, he bought his car after a 3 years saving for it”.

3- When you whole masters degree in on jeopardy because of some silly liable free paper that needs to be signed from the freakin university and they have been stalling it for monthes to date... that’s crap.

4- when your mother treats you like you are her 16 year old “daughter”, that’s whole lotta wrong...

5- when your don’t know where your career is heading to... that’s crap.

6- when a female friend asks your opinion on some guy who proposed to her, and flirts with you in the process... that’s crap.

7- when you carry out all the donkish work and not get appreciated while others advance because off their smiles and laughs... that’s crap.

8- when you are not in control anymore... that’s crap.


reham said...

you made me laugh out loud wallahi , so am telling you here you are not alone , i share the same heartaches and i enjoy the small things in life as you do , i wish we can be friends,but are you an engineer or something? what is the master degree all about ? my study is about localizing unfelt tumors with an unknown techniques never applied before,what about you ? when my professor has chosen this to me , i felt am not in the real world, am in the dream world .when back home, i hit the virtual world, what about you ?

Mo'men said...

I'm a pharmacist, I'm undertaking pre-masters courses in Ain Shams university, my field will be clinical pharmacy but it'll be a while untill i come up with a study or a point..

It's a long journey my friend, are you ready for the ride?

reham said...

انا عموما بظبت اهوه فى العربية السيات عشان الرايد بس عموما انا بحاول اعدل دماغى
شوية:i play with my cat , i watch scrubs though i adore lots of other shows and serials like 48hrs analysis of a murder ,60 minutes,kol kalam ahmadi nijad,movies,going to the malls 3ashan bass atfarag 3ala the new products of china , i read books and stories la7aso mokhi ,i adore also watching CSI , medical investigation,numbers,and am developping new skills :lessa shayfa embare7 desperate housewives we kefaya misses give-ins dee lol ,also i adore movies ..we have lots to talk about , tell me what was your last book or novel you have read ?also am somehow developping a new strategy:to walk more and to eat garlic and back to nature , taba3an mesh 3ala toul 3ashan ana ba7eb el chocolate we sa3at batsere3 3ala el akl watalla3 feih ghelli we 7ar2eit dammi,bass besara7a el endorphins elli come out after a walk and sharing smiles with some people (that they start turning back and yemsho waraya ye3aksouni fakrenni mozza walla 7aga ,3adatan beyentehi amrohom fee este2bal el asr el 3eini)are incredible, you have to cut down the fast food first to prepare your brain to be opened to the pool of endorphins,fast food makes you unresponsive and irresponsible regarding el nafakat el ektesadeya