Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Ramadan Festival:The Alacrity

Ramadan has arrived; our annually psychological trip we love to endure; our salvation from the mountains of sins; our transcendence to a new dimension of serenity and peace with the creator; yearning to rinsing out the demons and entering elucidation.

Or it's another great month for shisha and hanging out till dawn!

Regardless of your perception of Ramadan, Everybody loves to enjoy and experience "the experience" rather than benefit from it, Pray, fast, or party, Unwind, go monk, or celebrate; your practice should always be as fruitful as possible.

The emotional circus comes once a year. Go see and enjoy the show, do you really want to ask yourself "it would have been" or "if only I"?

Happy Ramadan to you all, whatever that means!

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