Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I was me but now .. he's gone

The other day, my neighbour across the street was talking to me about the parking space situation outside our buildings, he's about 50+ years old and he was vomiting value this and logic that allover me ..

The old me would have talked back and debated the concept "whatever that is", the new me just humored him and gave em the fake respect and attention he thinks he deserves.

I don't like the new me, but he will out live the old me and surely his quality of life has improved by increasing his stress-free moments.

Am I border-line schizophrenic? Or am I undergoing a profound mental metamorphosis?

The new me doesn't give a rat's ass about it !


Shimaa Gamal said...

The problem isn’t in that we change, as the only constant in this life is change. Bu the thing is we wake up to be taken by the surprise that the person in the mirror isn’t related to the person we knew. It is more dangerous when we decide to hide from that stranger in the mirror in the warmth of our inner selves and we discover that there in nothing inside that we can remember. The change has conquered us.
The bright side is, this new person isn’t always awful. He is usually has a better understanding of things.
My best wishes

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

no... you only became more mature... and maturity is associated with diplomacy :)

you start to understand that the world is not one big war, where you go through one battle after the other and win some and loose some ... even it is just a battle for a sandwitch

youth go blindly... and that is why they make mistakes and learn

it is typical to the difference between blind bravery... and wisdom