Monday, April 10, 2006

Egypt's next destination !

Straight to the point, this is why Egypt is going straight to hell...
When I say the word “we” I mean The government, Authority officials and basically the people in charge.
1- The country is entirely run by incompetents and thieves
2- We apply the so called ”law” by however we see fit
3- The rich is getting richer, the poor is getting poorer. No social justice or comprehendible economy.
4- We are “as a nation” spineless, gutless, and we rather stick our heads in the sand than face our problems
5- We are a quick fix nation, we repair the crust when the root is so very deteriorated
6- The Egyptian citizen has no value whatsoever “inside & outside Egypt”
7- We have the potentials to be the best country in the world in all aspects but we choose to be lazy and stupid
8- We never take responsibilities and try to frame everyone else but the one in charge
9- We are never objective, we fear change and we are stubborn
10- if you don’t have a “wasta” then you have no future
11- Many people in high ranking posts have inferiority complex “cops?”
12- we’d rather do it “our way” rather than the right way
13- We claim to know everything “have you ever asked for directions and someone simply said, “sorry I don’t know?: “
14- Shallow minded, football players, singers and movie stars are the elite of the society, ironically they don’t contribute anything. In the entire Egyptian movie industry, I liked 2 or 3 films max. and don’t get me started on singers/dancers/performers/models/sluts
15- we lost sight of what’s important

An advice to anyone who have still have hope on fixing this country, you’ll get frustrated in the end cuz in Egypt hope is a dangerous thing.


Anonymous said...

ya 3m masr zay el fol

Kumbazzz said...

nice post ya waad ya mo2sh we 7amdella 3ala salametna