Sunday, June 25, 2006

Smiley is not just only a francise !

As I go on with my life, day in and day out... I’ve developed a very positive habit since my childhood years, and that is to smile.

Smiling has proven to be the ultimate breakthrough in the interpersonal science of communication. When you smile to a person in an introduction process, his auto-defensive mechanism collapses almost instantly. You’ll be able to get through and converse on a comfortable level. A smile is a sign of confidence that can easily be transmitted upon recipients; Never underestimate this lubricating tool that can improve both your personal and professional lives.

People you smile at will tend to respect you more, help you more, like you more. This euphoric sensation is only one of the short term benefits, on the long run you’ll grow more confident of what you are and what you represent. Don’t get excited too cuz honestly I’ve frowned as much as I’ve smiled, but this kind of balance differs from one individual to another , but that’s a different story .. Bottom line is: empower your character by smiling.

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