Saturday, July 22, 2006

Elephant Vs Goat

The other day I was watching Nightline and CBS evening news and I was highly provoked by their reviews covering the Lebanon-Israel Conflict.

First of all, I gave up on politics years ago, I decided to go numb, but when martin beshir of nightline gives you a dramatic report of how an Israeli father was killed by Hizb Allah’s Katyousha and how two kids where wounded and probably scared for life in an despicable attempt to “extract” compassion and force tears out of a neutral recipient. This is just shameful.

What about Lebanese civilians? The American media bitches and whines and makes propaganda out of 20 Israeli victims and TOTALLY neglects the casualties among Lebanese who are 10 times more severe. DO you think that the Israeli soul is more superior to that of Arabs? If you are trying to be objective, cover both sides not maximize one part and not only neglect the other, but blame it for everything that’s been going on.

Lebanon is burning, 40% of it’s infrastructure is destroyed, more than 220 civilians died and more than 2000 wounded, Air striked around the clock... it’s like a fight between an elephant and a goat and you end up portraying the elephant as the victim. This is just wrong, and I felt awful about this biased coverage of the situation in Lebanon.

The peace process has officially failed.

Let more innocent people die.

Let’s watch it on TV.

Let’s breathe a sigh and switch the channel to “American Idol”.

If it’s not me, I don’t care.

I don’t care if it’s not me.

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