Thursday, October 12, 2006

Light a candle for the Sinners

I admit that I'm not a very good person, I'm great by Comparison but this is not always an objective valid self assessment. But as I go through this life... I don’t just meet people who are bad, but they are also are most likely to go to hell when they die... I know that most of us like to think that he will go to heaven when he dies and that god will grant us his mercy, but if those sons of bitches won’t go to hell... I don’t know who will

I was teasing my mum, telling her” can hell occupy all these sinners?” remarking that there are too many sinners “hell-forever resident” grade, she sighed and told me... “they are its fuel “

Bottom line, do something in this lifetime that can get you out of this horrible finale... cuz judgment day is coming very soon, and we are everything but prepared!

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