Monday, October 23, 2006

Super talent turns commercial

Everyone knows he’s a spectacular player, but when the media and the billion dollar sports giants like Nike and other cooperates portraits him as superman, I highly disagree.

Since Maradona, No body has dazzled the football fans all around the world with such a high quality display of talent, skill and originality the way Ronaldinhio did. No doubt he’s the new magician of the number one sport of all times, but he’s going through a critical phase where his focus and concentration has been affected, the reason? Fame and Publicity. Super Rony has been occupied with commercials and media exposure that he lost track of what’s important, his quality and output has been deteriorating even before the World cup 2006 which was the solid proof of his current level of commitment to the game, he did practically nothing to Brazil, the myth of the “one man show” had lost to the giant name of Zinedin Zidane, who was the inspiration of France and took the French to the finals.

Every player has his ups and downs, but with Rony... you know exactly why he’s in this phase. Get back to the game, Rony. Go back to the time when you use to smiling after each foul instead of cursing when someone challenges you for the ball. Go back to the beautiful game and do what you do best, entertain us.

Here are some pics from the classico, he disappointed his fans once again, these comments are out of sarcasm, nothing more :)

P.s: Henry is by far a more comprehensive player than Rony; Zidane is my all time favorite.

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