Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bush the Debater

I have a friend who mailed me this Youtube video

I was astonished to find that Bush was an impressive speecher 10 years ago "when he used to ran Texas, the state”, he was articulate and delivered a very well composed, coherent, analytical speech, what ever happened to him? What happened within this 10 year period that turned him into a chmock and a nation laughing-stock?

Respect is something to be earned



Memo said...

dunno i guess he just became a president .of what ? of the most powerful country world wide
so the normal conclution is that he must be a material for the world to express thier anger
you still deliver ideas but you dont know what is gonna reach people and what is not gonna pass you pen
thank you and best wishes

spellz said...

"they never stop thinking about ways to hurt our country and neither do we" and his last speech was hilarious:D

but may be he really have a presenile amnisia considering that he was an alcohol abuser.

1 to 2 yrs later and he will become the second Ronald Regan and even worse

thank u for the vidoe:D it gave me a laugh although I kinda pitied the man

KareemFromEgypt said...

our mutual friend K prefers the expression Master-debater ya mo2sh :)

Mo'men said...

my guess he's a puppete
and will dance at the pull of a string

our lovely friend K is a perv :)
just kidding , he's awesome and we both know it

KareemFromEgypt said...

mabalash kamba dih, masheeha K or kareem or ostazak kiko 3ashan kamba dih maf2oosa awy :)

we ba3dein dih a3rad nas elly metnatwara 3al blog 3andy bardo