Thursday, February 01, 2007

People I can do without

1- People talking so loud on their cellphones that I doubt the receiver of the call must be deaf

2- Men who scratch their groins and behinds in public

3- Taxi drivers stopping anywhere in the street to pick up a client

4- People never respecting the queue (especially women who come up to a 3 person queue in front of a teller and start a women’s queue)

5- People talking and giggling in movie theaters

6- People who double park and hold their hand breaks

7- People who insist on smoking in closed spaces

8- People who stop and ask for directions and leave without a greeting or a thank you

9- People who order “a too much sophisticated” coffee in coffee shops

10- Shop clerks who stalks you for fear that you might shoplift

11- People who think farting is cute

12- People who carry key chains of their first initial, drink in mugs with their first name initial printed on it

13- People who grow the nail of their pinky fingers

14- People who pick their ears with a key

15- Waiters/waitresses with a visible infection/burn/scar in their serving hand

16- People who don’t wash their hands after using the WC

17- Mechanics who think they are heart surgeons and Paintjob technicians (سمكرية) who think they are Picasos

18- People who fake an American or a British accent when they talk in English

19- Wust el ballad band followers, worshipers .. etc

20- Veiled women who wear tight clothes, make up of a porn star and too much accessories

That’s it for now :)


ravine85 said...

I agree with this entire post, especially no2 ( Good Lord , especially that one..:S), no5,7,10,13,16,20.

reham said...

تسلم لنا تجميعاتك ..انا رفضت عريس و الله عشان الهرش فى مكان عام و كمان ادامى و ده معناه عدم الاحترام و الوساخة لا مؤاخذة..بالاضافة الى انه خلانى ادفع تمن الاعدة فى الكوفى شوب ..و عجبى

spellz said...

I tottaly agree :d
Esp with No 2, 5, 7:@, 10 10 10, 13 really grosses me I hate those pple from all my hrt and they scare me, 16
nice post

Marwa Rakha said...

I was just wondering the other day about that habit of males touching themselves in public .... I was stuck in a traffic jam and I needed a distraction from the thought of me missing my appointment .. I began looking around .... the touching was quite visible.

I would add to your list:

* Traffic beggars who stick their faces on your window then rub their noses against it, in an attempt to scare the money out of your pocket into their palms.

* Mini bus drivers who move suddenly from your far right to your far left, in an attempt to induce a heart attack - yours or the passengers.

* Taxi drivers who pull over suddenly in the middle of the street, in an attempt to carjack a passenger standing on the walkway.

* Street cleaners who move the dust from the street to your car with a smile, in an attempt to get you to tip them.

Mo'men said...

I think I struck a nerve with point No. 2 :)