Monday, June 25, 2007

A "Jerk"

This conversation took place after a previous encounter with the “Jerk”. when I met this “Jerk” for the first time in my life, he made fun of me and joked around without even knowing me, as a gentleman I didn't repond to his crap then, anyways here’s what happened when he ran into us, Islam and I were standing after an exam.

Conversation start

Jerk: How are you guys?

Me: Hi , ya beta3 Amricaaa “he’s currently on a PhD program in Purdue university in the states , I think that gave him some God-complex or something cause surly he’s on a power drive"

"I meant no disrepect, I though this line would break the tension between us, but .. "

Jerk: “talking to Islam”, you know what we don’t see in America? “Like you where born and raised there asshole” , people in the streets driving Korean cars, wearing sunglasses and stripes shirt , with a Bluetooth headset to take all the many calls they can have , and not forgetting off course to wear there 20 L.E worth of hair gel.

Obviously, he was making a reference to me "

Me: Mmm, I bet in America, they grew on beards, preach their heart out and talk like 7 years Old...


Jerk: Oh Sorry, I was not talking about you

Me: Me either

Jerk: Now excuse me, I’m talking to Islam

Me: and I’m talking to YOU

"Awkward silence"

Me: Anyways I have to go, Nice to meet you... I’ll call you Islam

Conversation end

Is it just me or are people becoming more jerks and insecure? And I’m running into many assholes these days and I don’t know why, Are they assholes by nature or do I need to change my perspective on things? Regarding “the Jerk”, maybe he’ll finish his PhD and become a great dinosaur and teach here and there, but he’ll always lack self-esteem and respect, some things are earned and not acquired.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

that jerk has a serious self confidence problem!!!

why i feel that sometimes people start to act strangely when it comes to USA

i remember when i was in USA for a training course for a couple of week, on my trip back home, i was on egypt air, and the majority of the passengers were egyptians, the funny think en kolo kan beybos be2araf le kolo ... mosh fahma leh ... they are making themselves ready to despise egypt, and people of egypt, and be a raw model for liberty ... !!!!

it was so funny seeing them make all sorts of gestures ... this jerk seems to be one of those JERKS lol

Memo said...

He is very provoking Momen
But do you think that he really meant you he is talking about all the Egyptian now days don’t be over sensitive about your state ely 3la raso bat7a
Also I miss you talking about social life it is entertaining
I feel cool just reading your blog
Thank you for writing and go on

Mo'men said...

Miss egyptianna

I’m privileged that you are interested in my many “misconceptions”...
You know he’s just a “da7a7 we 3’alban” guy who God blessed him with this scholarship, now he thinks he got it cuz he deserved it, not because god grant it to him...
He’s like the country-side football players, playing with torn shoes in the field until they get discovered by a major league club and painfully become overwhelmed by their new status, psychologically shocked of all the fame, money and praise the goes with being a football player.

He thinks that being months away of having a PhD, he can prey on other masters holder or masters holders wanna be, but that’s not the issue really, the guy is just messed up from a confidence point of view, he thinks by belittling people “ I obviously intimidated him” it will add to his self-esteem and boost his ego

The days shall go by and I shall meet the dinosaur “Jerk” again...

An Egyptian is; by nature; a jerk


I was wearing a stripped shirt, sunglasses, a bluetooth ear-set as I was about to drive my Korean car out of college, and my hair gel actually costs 35.5 L.E ..
I’m PRETTY sure he meant me :)

Plus he thinks he’s cute مستعسل نفسه يعني

Thanks again for your motivational compliment , i cant beleive a girl can write funny posts like the ones you write, so original ..

I'll keep it up as long as you do , deal? :)

KareemFromEgypt said...


nice comeback Mo2sh

the jerk had it coming :)