Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Panic, The Vomit

I suffer from moderate to severe anxiety and I’m only 25 years old “currently on calmpam”, I’m so frustrated that I’ve reached such a degraded psychological state at such age, but everything around me seems to stress me up. I came to a conclusion that I might be running low on faith, I constantly need reassurance that everything will turn out to be ok.

I’m neither miserable nor frightened, I just can’t stop thinking about the next moment to come. My over-thinking virtue/curse has turned me into a paranoid android, calculating the perfect ways of crossing the bridge located miles away while falling down the pits two steps ahead.

"Ambition makes you look pretty ugly
Kicking and squealing gucci little piggy "
Radiohead - Paranoid Android
OK Computer (1997)

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ZeRoCoOl said...

"We're too young to fall asleep
To cynical to speak
We are losing it
Can't you tell?" iron lung Radiohead