Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Top 5: Material things that are essential for my routine settings and daily functions

5- Calmepam® "Anxiolytic intermediate acting-Benzodiazepine"

Actually, I don't use it that much, but sometimes it's the only thing that gets me to sleep.

4- Nescafe/Tea/Coffee or any caffeine-containing beverage
I'm an addict, just like the most.

3- Flavored Shisha
When I blow smoke circles from a grape-flavored one, I'm in Zen with the universe.

2- My iPod
A convenient Mp3 player that plays the soundtrack of my life.

1- My Car
It's Korean, but it gets me form point A to B and the maintenance is affordable.


SaRaH said...

Well I am kind of like you.. it point 4, 3 if you switched to ciggis and 2 definitely is me..
Glad it is such affordable things..

Mo'men said...

Affordable is the key word indeed!

Marwa Rakha said...

I love the way you function in lists:)

If I were to write a list of my own, it would be:

5) Car
4) Zero Frizz - Hair stabilizer:)
3) Secret - Deodorant
2) Toothbrush
1) Tea

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

:) the top five for my day to day function... mmm never thought of that, though the absence of any, would interrupt my daily routine...

strange how small things can be of so much importance

-my ipod... feel i am stranger without my music, dwell in savage lands .. my music gives me peace

- a little notepad and a pen to write my thoughts ... feel encaged without them

- COFFEE in the morning .. feel lost without it

- a bottle of clear water ... feel my body ache without it

- Otrivin 1mm, and ventolin sprayer ... :D:D cant breath without them

i love this post so much... thanks for allowing me to discover more of you, and some of me

Mo'men said...


Don't tell me that tea is more important than your car, aka: your arms and legs!

I have a toothbrush fanatic in my office; she brushes her teeth after gum!!


I have nasal problems too, but mine are more dramatic, I bleed without apparent reason at least twice daily. And what's wrong with our sewage water? It will boost your immune :P