Sunday, January 27, 2008

Top 5: Perks of being a guy (living in Egypt)

5- I can smoke shisha or cigarette without any social constrains.
It's socially unacceptable for a girl or a woman, married or single, with company or alone to do this infamous, disgusting, and wicked act of... Smoking!

4- Getting to choose who to marry.
From a procedural perceptive, I get to propose and not proposed to, the ball is in MY COURT, regardless of the outcome- being accepted or rejected- the initiative is still mine.

3- Walking down the street at 4:00 am in the morning.
Versus being a girl; who must be a slut for being on the streets at 4 am on her own like that, shame on her!!

2- Living in a misleaded society; where a man is considered by far superior than women.
It's like a gift with a twist. It's like you are twice the girl next to you (example: you inherit double the money but you also get double reasonability).

1- The ability to pee standing up, and consequently anywhere I want.
The world is my toilet.

N.B: This post was inspired after reading This.


Ravine said...

5. Not's equally disgusting tbqh..just more shocking when it's a girl.

4.the ball is in your court until the actual proposal, then you relinquish all power. And the object of your affection can turn you and a dozen other guys like you down, it's her who gets to give the final in the end.

3.Questionable for both genders unless work-related..safer for yours of course (by a margin :P).

2.Probably a gift until it affects someone near you, then you're just as bitter as girls.

1.As for number 1...I have to let you know that that's probably the most enviable quality you guys have..girls in Egypt seriously HATE you guys for this privilege, particularly in cold weather!

Mo'men said...

Ravine, I'll comment on your comments:

5- I agree, but people will think less of a female smoking than if a guy does, it’s funny how gender magnifies/nullifies things.

4- “Turn you and a dozen other guys like you down, it's her who gets to give the final in the end”,
Big deal, you don’t get to propose to someone you like, whether he likes you back or not that’s a whole different deal. If I go to a shop to buy something and the shop-owner refuses to sell it; is no way worse than if I can’t shop in the first place, the shop-owner will go out of business and I’ll shop elsewhere... sorry if the analogy is offensive, but that’s how things go down in Egypt.

3- No, it’s not questionable for both genders; it’s questionable for females only!

2- I personally think it’s a burden.

1-But I hate men who exercise this gift by sharing it with the world, take cover you animal!!

Nora said...

I disagree with almost everything you wrote...
I guess society and I just do not think alike...

I am however, extremely extremely jealous about number 5....


Mo'men said...


Do you disagree these ideology do exist? Or you just don't approve them?
Cuz they are here to stay... I'm just glad that it's serves my interests and not oppose them.

If I'm a girl, I'd be pissed off big time!

I assume you meant perk No. 1 .. it sure is a blessing :)

Nora said...

I definitely disagree with them...

But I do not think that they are here to stay... I see things changing.. and I can imagine some of those things being different in the future...