Sunday, January 06, 2008

Top 5: Prison Movies

I’m a sucker for movies where the characters are exposed to soul-wrecking experiences; as in war or prison movies.

5- The Green Mile
A beautiful movie that emphasizes the relationship developed between the cons and the guards.

4- Mean machine
A Hilarious British adaptation of the american movie “The Longest Yard”. UK actors Rule, Big time.

3- Animal Factory
The closest movie to represent what it’s like in US prisons; or so I was informed from the DVD commentary. Defoe stars as his fellow -brilliant Buscemi- directs.

2- Escape from Alcatraz
Classic Clint Eastwood movie!

1-The Shawashank Redemption
Best Movie as voted at, the book is not bad either :)


Memo said...

Escape from Alcatraz is a 70's production yeah this is very classic , when I saw the Animal factory I felt that there is an odd relationship between the two men in which I didn’t get even after I reached the end but as for the picture itself it was just great

Mo'men said...

Animal Factory is great and you need to watch it several times to capture the "mood" of it. Defoe is just shear class!