Tuesday, April 22, 2008


"You can work as a physician, a pharmacist, an engineer and paid trivial money or; work for our sales department - selling insurance - and get paid a basic of 2000 EGP plus a hefty bonus for each and every business you bring"

Mmm.. A salesman, I'd rather be a janitor ..

"Your Basic salary will be 1500 EGP, it may increase according to your performance to 1700 EGP in the first 6 months, by next year I promise you a senior position with a net salary of 2000 EGP, you will be often asked to work on weekends and even stay up to 8 and 9 pm to finish whatever project you are handling

Oh, I almost forget, your contract will have a 15,000 EGP penalty if you left us in the first 2 years"

Your promise is as good as your "special" offer, and don't get me started on the contract penalty.. Little man stuck in little business.

"Definitely, Definitely it's a sales Job, I know the add said "health advisor", but you'll be advising customers about our exquisite health insurance package"


"Sorry, but you lack leadership skills"

And you discovered that from our 30 minute interview? You must be psychic .. Or better, you see the matrix !

"We went for someone with more experience" – an email sent to me 8 months after conducting the final interview.

It's a pointless email, if they don't call within 2 months from the final interview, chances are you are not selected. I emailed them back with a piece of my mind.

"Your qualifications are not best suited for the position"

You should have written what kind of qualifications you need in the job post instead of wasting both your time and mine

"Ideally, we are looking for a female who lives in heliopolis .."

So what The hell am I doing here?

P.s: HR specialists, you are so full of it, and you know it


Nora said...

I am sure you're cv was just not up to par...
My friend wrote a post with some advice on how to write a cv..
Read it... and laugh your ass off!!!



Mo'men said...

If that what it takes to be recruited, then damn .. I should get some crayons and start re-writing my CV.

No wonder we are in such a mess