Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Small Things – Part 5

  • The first waves of cold air from the AC of your car
  • Post-it notes
  • Timberlands shoes
  • The smell and sight of freshly-cut wet grass
  • A nice dream you remember in the morning; and lingers through the day
  • When the odds are on your side for a change
  • Torrents files
  • When your team wins at the dying minutes of the game
  • The moment your body hits the water; jumping into a pool in a hot summer day
  • When you wake up and find you still have 20 minutes to sleep
  • Pretty Chicks in BMWs
  • Wikipedia addiction
  • My Simpsons boxer-shorts
  • Yawning till you eyes waters
  • The smell of freshly made ta3meya in the morning



Memo said...

i cant help commenting on the small things posts ba2a
aih ya ebny dih a7sen posts feldonia kolhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
walahy bdon mobl3'a you are the best one who write about that stuff fe all the blod area
ro7 ya shykh rabna ybrklk

Mo'men said...

Mesh awy keda ya Memo, I'm just venting .. :)

where are your hillarious posts?

Memo said...

Something about the small things posts
I just wanted to mention a very strange effect that I have every time I read the posts it is like you reflected a feeling of happiness all over my soul I don’t have time now for blogging but I always have time to open this page maybe it is that cheeriness I got after every simple post
Then I want to confess stealing your feelings to start my anti-depression campaign against myself
For tasting all the sweet things that we have in life it’s a small highlighting of all the nice simple things that passes-by every day
Sometime when u lose someone or something you say to your self now “I have nothing”
The posts made me realize that no matter what I lost I am still alive and life is worth living for that small things that will always be there
So you just continue thinking and write your own quotas and perspectives for every thing it is really helping

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i second memo in her opinion... every time i read your small things post... i feel life... and i start to look arroun to feel alive

life is full of sweet little pleasures... we just blind ourselves with dark mood

really thanks for this little glimpse of light :)