Tuesday, November 18, 2008


People never fail to amaze me...

I’ve shuffled 4 careers in the span of 5 years and I couldn’t find an honest supervisor/manager, those who supervise/manage my work; are “playing” confident instead of “being” confident, and I can understand .. This is the way of the world and you have to go with the flow otherwise your life will be very too unpleasant and unendurable.

I know that confidence establishment is an arduous thing to pull off, but if you are an honest human being; no .. Let me rephrase .. A man or woman of dignity .. Why don’t you give it a bloody shot?

I’ve tried and I’ve failed .. My dignity is like a glossy diamond showcased by words; endorsed by pre-conceptions rather than actual implementation; hyped up as the next best seller book that really ain’t that advantageous; vaulted deep inside the labyrinth-constructed soul .

Let me rephrase, I never fail to amaze me.


Marwa Rakha said...

Are you ok?

Mo'men said...

No, I'm not ..

but this is my standard status and I'm trying not to distress about it :)