Monday, November 03, 2008

We built your countries

May be we are not treated as humans in our own country
But at least we are not animals
obsessing about food, sex and trivial crap ..

Maybe we are not that clever to relieve ourselves.
But at least we don’t have shits for brains,;
hiring others to solve our problems

Maybe we are ill-fortuned,
with no black gold underneath our – not so long ago - tents
But at least few of us posses knowledge and faith
your egocentric brains can’t even begin to grasp ..

Maybe I just met an Ignorant SOB
Maybe he’s in severe denial
His ass was itchy from the long power drive
Maybe he just couldn’t digest or absorb
a smart, handsome, representable Egyptian being interviewed
We built your fucken land ..
We helped you evolve into human beings ..

You sorry pricks


Shimaa Gamal said...

Yes we did ya Mo'men & we are still doing.
but guess what at the end of the day they still can claim supermacy just coz of the money.

Very well said

Mo'men said...

God damn bless their money then :)