Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The United States of "Sadness"

When everything is OK, this means that things are going wrong but you can't see it. We do bad things because we want to or have to, maybe that's why we made up satin .. to blame him for all the bad things in our lives.

A "well done" movie, The opening minutes of the movie puts you in this nostalgic state, Leland is a kid who couldn't stand any more sadness in his life so he commits a murder .. his prison teacher wants to know why .. it turned out he's not asking the right question.

Quick thoughts on the actors:
  • Ryan Gosling is the next "non commercial" Edward Norton
  • Kevin Spacey "owns" his very few scenes
  • I can't make up my mind if Don Cheadle is overated or underrated


Memo said...

i hated it

Mo'men said...

it's not for commercial mainstream audience, just don't compare it to other similar successful movies (like Donny Darko or Sling blade)

I really like the leading actor though

Memo said...

first the movie is very old like 2003 production or something so but u will realy like it if u experiance living there or something
but i got this feeling that the part is writtin specialy for him he is just perfect for it
i am not a fan of drama movies but ryan made me reach to the end
and i hated Donnie Darko as well
i 'd rather spend the time watching pure horror :P
any way nice taste

deppy said...

mmm you've got me interested in watching the movie, I had it since forever but it's not in my first-to-watch-list, I'll drop by when I see it :)