Monday, February 27, 2006

Soul Courageous

T h e . C o n c e q u e n c e s . O f . B e i n g

Don't lose all faith 'cause you shake at night
It's in the art of the process
Alluring you on sight I'd harbour my delight
You could not care for what tune sorrow sings

Victory's in vain unless one knows the score
Spirit fails to save the ones worth waiting for

Say what you never can resist
Say what you never would to believe
Give what you never want to show
Give what you never would receive

It's a certain way that I'm feeling host To a new deception...

I never needed foes forever feeling low
'Cause they break me down, cannot fake this frown
I never took offence, I never swore in advance

Dreams just don't deliver .. In this Cold Life
We decrease in size when burdened with your mind
.. But you know escape is to run
You'll increase desire to wander and retire
..But you know escape is to run.
You hate from above You become what I need
..What I need

Hold back the tears that could fall for me,
T h e y . f a l l . a l o n e

Are you forever - Loss of purpose in a passive life
Are you forever - pale, regarded as a waste of time

Encourage the madness they welcome impurity

Memories of life drifting further away
I must doubt that where There's a will there's a way
Life is all the pain we endeavour

When you seal me fate sorrow turns to hate
If I can see a light shining
Is this borrowed time maybe a final time
That I can see a light shining

This is what you should fear , You are what u should fear
To embrace a cause, to grow fond or spiteful is to lose one's balance

what unruly Life is Like ?
The feeling can't avoid you ...

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