Saturday, March 11, 2006

On an Island?

If you are a Die hard fan of Pink Floyd, that is a must have album by David Gilmour, But let me warn you... This is not an album by Pink Floyd, This is an Album by Former member/Solo Artist David Gilmour, and after I heard the album for 3 consecutive days, It's has very little to do with Pink Floyd.

I had this album 2 weeks after I had David Gilmour in Concert (DVD) "which frankly, I much prefer than his new solo album”, In concert features a lot of Pink Floyd song with new arrangements, like the acoustic version of "Coming back to life" and the Chellos of "High hopes". So I was Forced in comparison between the 2 albums , On an island is unique in a way that only fans of Gilmour understand, it's an improved development since "About Face", His 1983 solo album, but not quiet different or diverse than it. I won't discus the album thoroughly, But I have to spell this out; I'm both relieved & disappointed, Relieved to see Dave active after almost a decade of hibernation yet disappointed that I’d rather see him, Rick and Nick get to the studio , come out 2 or 3 years later with a mind blowing Pink album , and after seeing Live8 , I thought there was still hope for Roger to re-join the band and re-write history again , but Alas , Roger had his opera later this year and Dave with his new album.

Bottom line, Go BUY the Album, you won't regret it... but you may get hurt listing to what could have been the next Pink Floyd, Not in term of music .. But in terms of "If Only if?".

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