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Stranded on an Island .. seeking tunes

10 albums I would take with me on a stranded Island

Mmm... I asked myself this question as I spent a good 70 min ride to where I work; with my diskman being my true companion during this ride. That’s tough considering I have a lot of favorite albums, But then I thought I have to make a selection of albums that I won’t get bored of listening for 10 years or whatever years I’m going to spend on the island. My criteria I came up with “riding back another 70 min back home” is:

1.Since I can’t Pick a favorite Pink Floyd album, I won’t pick neither any of their albums nor any of their solo artists’ albums. The process of me selecting ONLY one album will be extremely harsh, even harder than the 10 years I‘ll spend on that island.

2.I’ll try to be as diverse as possible. My choices will include Pop, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Oldies

3.My choices will be based on how much I’ll enjoy the album for a long long time, meaning that this won’t have to be my favorite but rather “long-term amusing”.

In no specific order here goes my 10 albums:

1.Wet Wet Wet – Picture this
2.Blonde on Blonde – Bob Dylan
3.Crimson Idol – W.A.S.P
4.These Days – Bonjovi
5.Harbour of Tears – Camel
6.Liquid tension Experiment 2
7.Bat out of hell 2 – Meatloaf
8.Dangerous/Bad – Michael Jackson
9.Alternative 4 – Anathema
10.Vault – Def Leppard

Wet Wet Wet – Picture This (1995)

I came to know this band from the movie “4 weddings and a funeral” . Its title song was “love is all around me”, a beautiful, impressive, very touching song. A friend of mine bought the album for me as a present. The album plays out a very emotional feeling I can’t fairly describe. Musically, the album is one of the best Studio albums outhere, good job mixing with the instruments and the quality output of the entire album tunes is remarkable. The album stands out as one of the most coherent albums ever made in Rock/Pop music.

Ironically, the band didn’t get as much recognition as they deserve… at least for this album. I choose it in my short list because it always makes me in a state of relaxation and at “ease”.

Favorite tracks: Julia says , Gypsy girl , Love is my Sheppard , Love is all around me

Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde (1966)

Arguably, Dylan is considered the best lyrics writer in the history of music. I agree.
I can’t comment on this album , it speaks for it self.

Favorite tracks: None yet All !!!!!!!

W.A.S.P - Crimson Idol (1999)

“Long live the king of Mercy”

A Drama filling, Ear pounding concept album filled with plenty of vicious guitar riffs, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of WASP, but this album has a great storyline “I’m a sucker to albums with storylines such as Streets, The wall, Harbour of tears .. Etc”, this is the story of Jonathon battling with his own demons and figuring out the “Great misconceptions of me” .. That’s where I came up with my blog’s title.

I choose it on my list because I think it’s the “neatest” metal album ever made! I pick my words carefully, only people who listened to the album understand what I mean.

Favorite tracks: Arena of Pleasure , The Idol , The Great Misconceptions of Me

Bonjovi – These days (1995)

Jon, Ritchie, Brian, Tico. You reached the peak of your music career making this flawless album. Shear brilliance. It opens up with the provocative “Hey God” moving to melodic hits like “This aint a love song” and “these days” and ending with “diamond ring” and “bitter wine”. It’s this album and the great guitar work of Ritchie Sambora that motivated me to learn to play the guitar. Thanks Sambora

I choose this “All-Rock treat” album because I associate myself with it .. I’ve been listening to it for 10 years now and I can’t get enough of it.

Favorite tracks: This ain’t a love song , these days , as my guitar lies bleeding , Diamond ring , hearts breaking even

Camel – Harbour of tears (1996)

First I’d like to say that I’m a big camel fan, it’s hard for me to pick a single album for my “cast-Away” experience. But I choose “harbour of tears” because of its harmony is unique in a full-album sense, I can’t find any camel album with this sense of harmony commitment. The albums tells an Irish tale “which I don’t fully understand” and has great instrumental tracks. I must confess that the reason I’m attached to this album is because I bought it at the perfect timing and in the perfect mood, I was then ready to receive their music like never before. Lucky me!

Favorite tracks: Under the Moon, Running from Paradise, Coming Of Age... wow, the album has great instrumental music.

Liquid Tension Experiment II (2000)

The most extreme technically challenging album of all time , forget jazz, this is the heaviest Progressive Rock album I’ve encountered. Imagine the “Gods” of Dream Theater decided to make a small project with the commitment only their top-notch talents and improvised new ways of “making” music. This is a turning point in music industry as we know it. This “project” will defiantly live forever .. That’s why it’s my pick

Favorite tracks: Acid rain, Biaxident, When the Water Breaks

Meat Loaf – Bat out of Hell II (1993)

Meatloaf mixes rock with opera, the result is THIS, an album revolving on three axis, Piano, guitars, and Choir. Lead by a very distinctive voice of meatloaf speaking out his soul in form of beautiful beautiful lyrics, the kind of lyrics that makes your heart pound with his singing technique as a catalyst. Simply Awesome.

Favorite tracks: Objects In the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer than They Are , Everything Louder than Everything Else, Out Of the Frying Pan (And into the Fire)

Michael Jackson – Bad (1987)/Dangerous (1991)

Michael Jackson is the king of pop.

Turn on page one in music history and you’ll find his name printed with gold. An extraordinary talent that only happens once in a lifetime. I grow up listening to Michael but I lost interest in him after the child molestation accusations. But the guy re-defined pop music that took the world by surprise. My favorites are both Bad and Dangerous, Both equally magnificent and show a lot of attitude and character.

Favorite tracks:
From Bad: Man in the mirror , Liberian girl, Smooth criminal , I just can’t stop loving you
From Dangerous: Give in to me , who is it, Dangerous, Will you be there, remember the time

Anathema – Alternative 4 (1998)

Very sad album that can make you commit suicide , not because of the lyrics but because of the music that sometimes sneak into your sub-conscience and other times rip you open forcing itself in your soul. It’s only 45min long. But has the effect of “echoes of silent cries” , dark isn’t it?

Favorite tracks: Lost Control , Regret

Def Leppard – Vault (1995)

80’s British Rock hysteria unmistaken for the talented/ill-talented/non-talented ear. Def leppard defines an era of rock that it totally mastered. I always think positive and “peppy” every time I hear them on the radio , Vault is a collection of their great songs during their 80’s and 90’s that simply RULE.

Favorite tracks: Two steps behind , Animal, Bringin’ on the heart break, Pour some sugar on me, love bites

As you can notice, Most of these albums are in the 90’s , that’s my teenage years , the golden years that both scar you and heal you in a mysterious way.

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