Sunday, July 30, 2006



You Sick fucks

You Sick Coward fucks

You rapers of innocence

Your day will come

The day when you hide behind trees..

لا اله الا الله


mcawi said...

Dear Momen,

I agree with you that the Israelis are what you said and even more...but what caught my attention is the association of the graceful name of our Lord within the same page of the 'F' word.

I just read on that the Israelies have halted all air strikes on southern Lebanon for 48 hours.

Nasr Allah has come!

Mo'men said...

Dear Mcawi,

You have a valid point and I do think it's inappropriate, but the thing about my blog is that I write what's in my mind wether it's politicaly correct or not.

I just had to swear and mention god in one notion, I appologize if this offended you.

Hezb allah are the remaining men of a dying society.