Friday, August 04, 2006

Romance Vs Friendship

Many of my friends are obsessed with girls... it's something I grew up despising, cuz I hate the way "boys" behave differently in the presence of "girls".

Today I witnessed two of my friends borderline-fighting about how they grow apart after one of them got pre-engaged "not engaged yet", in a way I understand that his mind was occupied with his new romance, but not calling for 2 or 3 weeks... that's just harsh.

Romance beats friendship anytime, anywhere, anyplace my friends. Your priorities change but I know mine won’t... I gave my "newly in-love" friend his space and guess what? He was the one to call "after 10 days that is", we are used to seeing each other 3 to 4 times a week. But hey I understand, my other "Angry" friend" didn't accept this new attitude but I explained to him how this is a universal fact and it's time for "him" to move in a new phase.

Life will be so much easier when you just understand how relationships work.

I still don’t understand, Nobody does I guess..


reham said...

i want to add something down here , is that when the girls get married even if they are my bet friends, they are away as if deported from egypt i guess , meanwhile if i meet them by coincidence,they act as if am gonna envy her for getting married and this was at first harsh and heartbreaking ,but now , i don't care and sometimes i start the "move": i act as if i do not see her and even if our eyes meet , i act as if am not seeing her , am not bluffing wallahi but this is s self defence mechanism , as a reaction towards their hard feelings..just everybody will take his share in this life , somebody his/her share comes early others comes late ..el mohem el happiness

ياسمين شعيتو said...

You remind me of my friends back home in Leb. It's true, you don't much belong here.

But neither do I and here we are...