Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm so mad right now , I hung to the words of a person I knew to be manipulative, basically cuz I like her as a person does not mean that I can forgive her for fooling me professionally .

"they'll contact you" she said , "I'm going to miss having you around" she said .. You don't toy with people's aspirations like that , I'm the kind of character that sets up the worse case scenario so that in case it happened , I'd be prepared .. But sometimes, you let your guard slip and you are a victim of your own imagination, what if .. And if only ..

There's a lesson to be learned here , actually there's many .. I'll try to list them so that I won't forget:

1. Do you trust what I trust? Me , Myself and I.

2. God is great and things do happen for a reason, I'll be a big person and accept the reality and my current status.

3. Women has no managerial skills whatsoever !!!!

4. I have to be initiative and not link one event with another (The sweetest thing).

5. Never take promises from people.

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