Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blogging as President

This is weird, I came across this blog that I strongly believe it’s of Ahmed nejad “Iran’s President”, No kidding... A Blogger President, I’m a big fan of the guy cuz he’s modest and pure but his bold statements sometimes come off as “funny”.

Does anybody know if our president blogs? I wonder what’s the name of his blog .. so many names crossing my mind that I’d better shut up.

Anyways, check it out


Chris said...

What in the world would our President blog about?

"Today I met a bunch of foriegners whose names I mispronounced. Dick Cheney said I could have a cooky becasue I didn't do that weird 'Henh Henh Henh' laugh thing

Thenk I ran on the treadmill, and took a nap.

In the afternoon i signed abunch of papers Dick asked me to and told Don Rumsfeld that I loved him."

I think I will pass on a Bush Blog

Mo'men said...

That's hilarious :)