Thursday, October 19, 2006

Screw it, I'm getting out

I don’t belong here, I have this suffocating feeling that I must get out of here; this country is so full of distress that makes me want to puke. I’ll have to change my perspective and see if I can live abroad, Canada, Australia, even the states... I’d rather be a foreigner in any country than live as a citizen in this shithole.

I'll go this weekend and sign some immigration applications in a couple of embassies, and no thanks to ben laden, the process had become more and more complicated.

My reasons?? I have tons of fundamental reasons, but that’s for another time...


Little 'O' said...

I understand how you might feel towards this country where its civilization is falling apart. The people here have been stripped off their morals and values and all they need is a chance to kill the others. Yet, getting out is not the solution. I managed to get out and I'm telling you: I'm treated as good as a first-class citizen where I live. But I can't stop missing Egypt and my old life here. I arrived in Cairo on a short vacation a week ago and I was more than disappointed to see what's been happening. I wish I could come back and help make a change. I know that's virtually impossible but I'd be happy to give it a try. The least we can do is speak; educate the people before it's too late. We are going down so fast and we need to start doing something.
If you get out you'll still be labelled as 'Egyptian'- with all the traits an Egyptian is known for now. If we can change ourselves we can stand with our heads up high against anyone who dares to speak about us.

Mo'men said...

Little 'o'

Thanks for your sincere advice, But I’ve been trying so hard to make a change but I came to the realization that it’s not possible and it will take light years to put this country on track.

I know that “getting out” is not the solution, but if I stayed here long enough I might be poisoned by this very unproductive environment, if I have a chance to lead a successful life, the odds shifts towards me “making it” abroad.

Again thanks for your nice comment, and I hope you’re living up to your own advise