Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The dependency issue meets gender dilema

Hmmm .. I think I agree with this!
As much as I like to think that women are independent human beings, I read more into life and religion and discover other wise.

No matter how strongly they deny it, women need men in their lives as much as I need a woman in mine, I’m not full of ego and pride to deny this natural fact. I’ll marry my future wife not for the common reasons people do marry for (companionship, sex and offspring ) but for this fundamental reason:

“ She’ll be the rock upon which I stand, The Sea upon which I float, I’m her and what I see is me, she’ll lead me through life and help me understand the best I can, she’ll complete me and provide me with security and trust

And I strongly believe that any success I’ll live up to make, she’ll have a big contribution in it. I confess to that before I’ve seen it.

Equal opportunity screamers, women right defenders, feminists and estrogen driven people …


Memo said...

Enta gait 3lwater
But I think that we have this feelings to the opposite gender cause we have needs that can’t be fulfilled expect with some one from the opposite sex like I remember that experiment that my school collogues tried on rates they kept a group of rates in a cage without food after a while rates started to eat each other until all of the sudden after a lot of time they found the survivals are only a male and a female rates the strong female only attacked rates from her sex also the male I guess at the end of the experiment they found the 2 rates dead beside each other the point is god created us with needs towards opposite sex this is really a fact

sara said...

I agree brother..
It's like the way I drive..
I notice that usually I tend to drive next to the left margine, not in control enough to be in the middle..
Not about control really, about leaning..
We have to lean..
It's nature..
Men are there to dive & lead through this maze we live in..
May Allah bless us with true insight that would guide us all the way until we reach our final abode.. Amen.

With respect,

sara said...

By outlandish

This ain’t a love song
This is a live song

Woman, u my equal, my wife
We be tight like
2 perfectly matching calligraphy lines

We don’t wanna build our house of earth, water and stone
But of wisdom, pure intentions, conversation
Compassionate action, with purity of heart
We might get somewhere, become light
Fast and burn like a candle, right
Intertwine, u give me peace of mind
I cloak u and u cloak me
Responsible I feel with honesty
Between us God has put affection and mercy
Praised be He who created u
Cuz all I see in u is beautiful

What drew us together
Doesn’t conform to the laws of nature
It is written
There is only One opener for the lock of these things

Most definitely in our luv are signs of knowledge
Every dime I spend on u
Is worth more than what I spend on the poor
See patience is the best key to happiness
Continuous, satisfaction, pearls wanna be like u
Intertwine, u are my Sakeena
U protect me and I protect u
Scientifically we be deeper than Al-kindi
Between us God has put affection and mercy
This ain’t a luv song
This is a life song

We going 6 years strong
With no sign of REGRET
With each year we gain in force with ups and downs of course
Yeah my wife is my cousin
And thank God, Faizan my son was born without complications
Hina my love to you is unconditional
Not limited by typical Bollywood scenarios
Or by statistics when problems occur we leave
‘Cause I know t u´ll stay till I no longer will breathe
Or if I’m crippled, blinded or anything else
I know I can rely on u helping my every step
Love is not just limited to butterflies and sex
It’s to recognise and respect each others intellects
Lots of regrets many things we shouldn’t have said and done
But that’s just part of our journey and it’s just begun
Define beauty ‘cause one day looks will fade
But a beautiful mind still be young at an old age
And I know it’s hard me being away for so long
But I respect u so much for being so strong
I remember U being pregnant going to school
Cooking food taking care of my parents and the whole house
All in one something a man could never do no doubt
So I thank my mother for the day she brought us together
And I pray for our reunion in the afterlife forever


Poorva said...

Hey Nice Blog i duno much about blongs so culd u help me plz...

reham said...

le coup de foudre , or love at first sight , is really out there..i have read that every one has a magnetic field around him/her..when u meet some one very dear , you just feel his/her presence without even seeing him/her ..u feel this and you smile ,then u are in love..when this person comes closer, he/she will fullfill you to the max , boby and soul..the 5 senses and the innate feelings will be directed towards him/her ..she /he will give unconditional love , he/she will be the person one's being waiting for the whole life..i guess part of our suffering on earth is finding this true love ..we may die trying to find it ..but i guess it is out there and we have to search more..i guess the " pursuit of happiness" is what is driving people to get married..but what i see and "what" i meet , is telling me the opposite, chear up mo2men , u will find what u like as long as your mind is set and well prepared to get the signs from GOD, bless you :)