Saturday, January 13, 2007

Leave the Kids Alone!

I know that most of you super dads and soccer mums won’t like this, but your children are overrated and overvalued, most parents have turned theirs into cult objects, they have a child fetish and it’s not healthy. Don’t tell me “well, I love my children”, EVERYBODY loves their children, doesn’t make you special.

What I’m talking about is this constant, mindless fixation that everything should revolve around children; it’s completely out of balance. The parents strive to make their child the best and insert their fears, insecurities and expectations in them, Mind this; not all children are smart and clever, Children are like any other group of people, a few winners, and a WHOLE lotta losers who are simply not going anywhere. So stop being overprotective cause it’s not in your hands and you are making them too soft.

An example of how people burn their kids on so called structure, School uniforms, bad theory, the idea that if kids wear uniforms in school it helps keep order, Don’t these schools do enough damage already? Making all these kids think alike, now they want them to look alike too?

Another example, more related to teens who parents think up to 19 years are still considered children! The smoking issue, kids do not smoke because it’s cool or some camel in sunglasses tells them to, they smoke for the same reasons adults do because it relieves anxiety and depression, and with all the identify crisis they go through at this age, it really helps. So don’t tell your child not to smoke, he won’t be convinced.

Embrace your child’s shortcomings, accept him as what he is, inspire them rather than preaching them. A person’s character is molded in the early days of his childhood years, help your kids be an effecient character, whether he goes on to lead a successful or a lousy life, at least he will grow to be a healthy person both psychologically and mentally.


reham said...

i think that we should watch and guide the coming generation ,not to judge them ,as this is their lives and we must give them the "space" to breath in order to make them form a point a view towards life itself and then let them have the complete freedom to choose the life they want, coz the future belongs to them and not to us ..besides , they have to know that the choice they made has its consequences

Memo said...

we deal with our kids as if they are things , toys we move as we like do with them what is best for our comfert not what is best for them
hope one can change that issue or listen to your notes cause it is very important to give the freedom plus the knowledge
great post
thank you

Mo'men said...


One valuable thing I learned from my parents is that for every choice we make, we have to know & endure its consequences. A big part of the maturity process is to realize what’s best for you and accept its drawbacks.

But what I’m saying here is that our vision towards our children should change dramatically to serve our kids and not our expectations of them.


Key words like “freedom” and “knowledge” can get distorted by the parenting methods that have been carried out for years in Egypt. We’d rather see our kids rich and in high ranking posts rather than happy and satisfied. In a nutshell, accept the diversity of children's character