Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 5: Things women “Cannot” do

5. Dress in less than 10 minutes

4. Talk on the phone for less than 5 minutes

3. Admit doing something wrong (instead, a plethora of senseless excuses)

2. Mind their own business (Gossiping)

1. Parallel Parking


Shimaa Gamal said...

If women can't do these that makes me a man I guess! LOL
I can dress in less than 10 mins, I actually can have a less than a min phone calls. I always admit when I am wrong :)
Yet, I gossip and so does men :)
And I am not sure about parallel parking, I am too scared to drive. :) :) :)

Mo'men said...

well, I think girls take like 5 minutes to "decide" what to wear

Girls gossip 10 times than men do, and that explains the long phone calls

Girls are good at giving advice but not following it.

and the parking thing .. it's universal!

Memo said...

true expect for dress in less than 10 min also
now adays it is u who talk long time in putting on gel and shaveing and putting perfume wearing sockets and ribon shoes etc ..etc

Mo'men said...

Welcome Back memo

1- putting on gel putting perfume wearing sockets and ribon shoes etc ..etc = takes less than 5 minutes, I guarantee you

2- shaving: women also shave and definitely takes more time in that task as well :)

Kristyna said...

I can do all those things :) but parking, as I dont know how to drive yet ;)

(u dont know me and I dont know u... just arrived here jumping from blog into blog) But I like ur blog!

Keep going.

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